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Tailgate Mats

Andromeda Industries Tailgate Mat  –  4 Sizes

Andromeda Industries quality tailgate mats for floats, goosenecks & trucks, are especially designed to maximize your horse’s comfort, and to reduce stress through ease of loading.  Andromeda Industries tailgate mats have horizontal molded cleats that run across the width of the mat, with fine ribbed design between the cleats for maximum traction. Andromeda Industries  tailgate mats are reinforced with canvas ply to strengthen and increase longevity of life. The canvas ply will also increase strength of adhesion to the tailgate of your float, gooseneck or truck.

Andromeda Industries tailgate mats have high traction and are extremely durable so combined with our Ag-Mat flooring creates the ultimate anti- slip surface for injury prevention, cushioning, security and stress reduction for your horse.  It also allows for greater stability and confidence for ease of loading on your float, gooseneck or truck

Andromeda Industries tailgate mats are fully vulcanized, sealed and non-porous, which completely stops any moisture absorbing into or through the rubber matting.  Andromeda Industries tailgate mats are easy to maintain as they can be washed regularly, and if sealed correctly will not create water damage to the Marine Ply on your tailboard.

At Andromeda Industries Rubber Division, we are committed to providing excellent service and offer competitive pricing on all of our rubber products including our tailgate mats.

We can organize delivery Australia wide with competitive quoting from various freight companies.

Tailgate Mat Applications:

  • All Livestock Transport Tailgates
  • Horse Floats
  • Horse Trucks
  • Gooseneck
  • Side Loading Ramp

Tailgate Mat Characteristics :

  • Greater Traction
  • Excellent strength of the Mat for longevity of life
  • Injury protection for horse
  • Greater confidence Loading
  • Fully vulcanized, sealed & non-porous
  • Canvas ply for strength & reinforcement
  • Greater security for your horse
  • Reduced stress for both horse & owner
  • Looks tidy & professional


Tailgate Mat Dimensions



Weight & Cleat Size


1220mm (width) x

2100mm (drop)

40kg with a 12mm Cleat

across width


1750mm (width) x

1550mm (drop)

30kg with a 16mm Cleat

across width


2400mm (width) x

2400mm (drop)

57kg with a 20mm cleat

across width


2400mm (width) x

1200mm (drop)

43kg with a 26mm cleat

 across width


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